Tuesday, 12 June 2012

RDM gets the job...good news

I'm over the moon that RDM looks all but certain to be given the job on a full-time basis. He has done an amazing job of uniting the side since taking over from AVB. The cup run did cover over the poor league form but hopefully next season with the full pre-season and world-class additions such as Hazard, a top four spot looks extremely likely.

At Chelsea due to having a European approach to the way the football club is run it is not important that we have someone astute in the market to manage transfers while being the manager. This gives us the advantage of people at the club being able to establish a 5, 10 or even 15 year plan when looking at transfers. I think Emenalo has done a brilliant job since being in the role of Technical Director. Securing the signings of several promising talents, the main ones being Hazard, Mata, Lukaku and Courtois but many more have been purchased as young as 12.

I'm also happy with the fact we are offering managers a one year rolling contract with clauses that guarantee an extra year. Thought to be Champions League the following season, this means that the manager has job security as he knows he gets an extra year if he performs the minimum target and also the Club knows if the manager fails there is no cost to sack him. Financially a solid system as well as setting a minimum target the manager is motivated to achieve.

The players believe in him, the fans believe in him, everything is set up for him to achieve next season and continue the rebuilding at Stamford Bridge.

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